Food Sensitivity Testing



  • Complimentary discovery call and initial assessment
  • One 90-minute telehealth initial consult
  • Two 60-90 minute telehealth follow-up sessions
  • Food sensitivity blood test kit (blood draw fee not included)
  • Blood test analysis
  • Free overnight shipping of specimen
  • Helpful resources and handouts
  • Email support between sessions

We work with all of our clients virtually.
Lucky you! We manage your diet from the comfort of your home!



What to expect during the process?

After your blood test has been shipped to the lab, it takes about 2 weeks to process your test results. We will receive an electronic copy and you will receive a hard copy in the mail, along with a helpful booklet with additional information about the test, the elimination diet, tips, and FAQs.


Learn more about the specifics of this program here