Top 5 Gadgets for your Kitchen

Sundays are my big prep days for the week. I take out my favorite appliances and gadgets to prepare sauces, salad dressings and anything else that I want to eat for the week. I make an extra effort to prepare a big meal for dinner so that we can plan to have leftovers for lunches. After dinner, I prep my lunches for the week and try to make sure they are all food sensitivity friendly!
There is nothing worse than being at work and not feeling well, rushing to the bathroom, or just wanting to curl up in bed and be a hermit. Anybody else feel me on that one?
Last Sunday I was thinking about all the appliances and gadgets that I use and thought I would share them with you guys!
So here are my favs (in no particular order):

1. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

I got this mixer from my parents a couple years ago. It’s beautiful, lime green, and I use it almost every week. Most stand mixers (especially Kitchen Aid) will come with many mixing attachments.
The paddle attachment is for making standard cookie, brownie and cake mixes. I don’t make these foods too often but I do appreciate some good desserts like everyone else.
The hook attachment is to knead breads and pizza dough. I make these at least once a month! We don’t buy sandwich bread anymore because of all the ingredients and we don’t order pizzas because I can’t eat tomatoes, garlic or cheese so it’s best to make our own!
The whisk attachment is for whipping. Last year I made homemade marshmallows for 4th of July because my Dad was not able to eat regular marshmallows due to his food sensitivities. This was a fun but messy project! Maybe I will post a recipe in the future!
Recipes that I make using my kitchen aid stand mixer: Crusty Dutch Oven Bread

2. Silicon Mat

Have you ever used a silicon mat? This was another amazing gift! When I opened it on Christmas, I was expecting to see (link silicon baking mat). I wanted to put it in the oven to bake on instead of wax paper or foil. Instead I got this mat (link to my mat) and it is so much better!
There are ruler guides on the edges, little tips about conversions, etc.
I use this mat to roll out bread dough, make cookies on Christmas, and shape my pizza dough into whatever sizes that I need – personal pizzas or big pizzas! And so many other things. Definitely a keeper in my book ?.
Recipes that I make using my silicon mat: Homemade Thick Crust Pizza

3. Immersion Blender

Last year was a big year for kitchen appliances. This immersion blender was on my list for a while! I love making soups and sauces this blender saves you from having to transport items into a blender in batches. Saves on time and clean up! Win-Win! They are not that costly either, I believe this one was only about $____
Recipes that I make using my immersion blender: 6-Ingredient Zucchini Pizza Bites, 5-Ingredient Cauliflower Soup

4. Food Processor/Blender combo

A couple years ago I bought this food processor/blender combo and it has been great! My old food processor was very small and it was hard to make a lot of things in it. My new one isn’t huge but it is big enough to make hummus, no bake bars, sauces, and other recipes!
Everyone knows what to do with a blender – SMOOTHIES! Smoothies are great, especially on hot days. I have also made banana ice cream and other fruit purees, but the food processor is great for these too!
Recipes that I make using a food processor/blender: Vegan Protein Bars – Cherry and Apricot,  

5. Crockpot

The crockpot is our saving grace during the work week. Making bulk meals is key so that I have leftovers to take to work throughout the week. With food sensitivities and a sensitive stomach, it is almost impossible to go out to eat or buy food from the work cafeteria. Not knowing how the food is prepared or the ingredients in them makes its hard to know how you will tolerate the meal. Usually this means that you have to spend extra time in the kitchen every day preparing food for the next day. I like to make my protein in the crockpot – pulled chicken, pork or beef and even “rotisserie” chicken. My grains and vegetables are easy to prepare but the protein is what I find takes the longest! And I am all about making things easier!
Recipes that I make using my crockpot: Crock-pot Whole Chicken, Crockpot Quinoa Enchilada
Save the PDF of our Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets for a Food Sensitivity Friendly Kitchen!

Products we use:

What’s your favorite kitchen appliance?



10 Food Sensitivity Safe Snacks For Your Next Road Trip

10 Food Sensitivity Safe Snacks For Your Next Road Trip

Are you getting ready to travel soon or do you spend a lot of time on the road? When I went through my food sensitivity diet it was my biggest struggle. I was on the road ALL THE TIME and had to pack every little thing that I was going to eat. Then, I’ll admit, I got lazy so the question was: what were food sensitivity safe snacks for my road trips??


Fast forward a couple years…


Brandon and I were on a road trip and my first thought was to pack any food that I had an interest in eating so that we didn’t have to stop at a grocery store. On our way home I had already eaten everything so now I was stuck. I was back to thinking… what were food sensitivity safe snacks for my road trips??

Sometimes we want to be like everyone else and buy food at the gas station or convenient store and forget about our food sensitivities (IBS in my case). Am I right?!

During this trip I spent some time looking around the gas station and taking pictures of every food that I could find that had minimal ingredients. The other criteria was that the ingredients were on the MRT Food Sensitivity blood test.

I’m going to warn you now…


But hear me out… on a road trip I would rather eat unhealthy food (like fritos) and not deal with a stomach ache, feel like I need to rush to the bathroom, etc. I would make that choice any day rather than eat the healthy food that makes me feel miserable!

Below I listed all the foods that I found on my search and their ingredients so you don’t think I’m crazy ?. They have no preservatives or additives.


Gas Station/convenient store10 Food Sensitivity Safe Snack Foods For Your Next Road Trip

Fritos Original – Ingredients: corn, corn oil, salt. No preservatives.

Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds – Ingredients: almonds

David Original Sunflower Seeds – Ingredients: sunflower seeds, salt

Banana – Ingredients: banana (obviously!)

Orange – Ingredients: orange (again, duh!)

Wonderful Roasted and Salted Pistachios – Ingredients: pistachios, salt

Original Skinny Pop Popcorn – Ingredients:  popcorn, sunflower oil, salt

Corn Nuts – Ingredients: corn, corn oil, salt


If your friends/family like to stop at Starbucks on your road trips you can still get a snack there too!


That’s it Bar – Ingredients: apple, blueberry. These bars come in a ton of flavors that are all just apple + another fruit so if blueberries don’t work for you then maybe another bar will.

Moon cheese – Ingredients: cheddar cheese. These come in 2 other flavors but cheddar is the only flavor that we test for on the MRT food sensitivity test.


Major take away: The plainer the better.

Never buy something with an additional flavor because it will most likely have additional preservatives for anti-caking and possibly food dyes to make them visually appealing.


I hope this little list helps you on your next road trip! If you find any other foods I would love to hear about them. I am always looking for new recommendations for clients to make their lives easier and as normal as possible while still feeling their best!


What is your favorite road trip snack?

Life before LEAP – No. 1

Meet Sheryl!

Sheryl is a 45 year old school teacher and single mother of two girls. She just wanted to be a good role model for her kids but didn’t know where to begin. She did not have the energy to workout and had a hard time losing weight. Sheryl suffered from IBS, acid reflux and chronic brain fog. When she came to me she was nervous because she didn’t cook much and didn’t know much about food. After we received her results we looked through some cookbooks and discussed how to modify recipes so that they worked for her. Sheryl cut out wheat from her diet – probably the hardest thing anyone has to to because it is so prominent in our lives. But she found that by doing this she had more energy. She enjoyed cooking with her girls and teaching them about food and recipes and even started taking her girls to the gym!

Here is Sheryl’s story.


Look for more to come!

Interested in my story? I too suffered from IBS and used LEAP to help me find symptom relief and allow me to live my life! Read my story here.

My Food Sensitivity Story

Food Sensitivity Story

Hi I’m Carie! Registered Dietitian, self-proclaimed foodie, former IBS sufferer and green bean fanatic. For my obligatory first blog post, I’d like to share my nutrition journey you with!

Be warned…It was a messy one.

I grew up in a foodie family. We were always fairly health conscious but I was never the thinnest or prettiest girl. In high school I was the girl on the verge of an eating disorder – limiting myself to less than 1000 calories a day in secret and sharing food with my friends so I didn’t have to eat as much. I tried the fad diets of the time – mainly the Atkins Diet.

Toward the end of high school I started suffering from digestive issues – I’m talking gas, upset stomach, diarrhea every day (I know, TMI! But I’m a dietitian – talking about poop is practically in the job description). Now I started journaling in a different way. Writing down everything that I ate and cutting out nutrition labels to compare the ingredients. Highlighting commonalities.  Nothing was adding up.

This continued through the beginning of college. I saw an allergist for food allergy testing (skin testing – which I now know is SO not reliable!). From there my parents sent me to a GI specialist – there I sat with my lists and labels. SHE DIDN’T EVEN LOOK AT THEM! That day I was diagnosed with IBS and handed one sheet of paper titled ‘FODMAP diet’. No explanation. No direction.

Thank you Dr. Google for explaining IBS and the FODMAP Diet.

Thanks to Pinterest I was able to find recipes and bloggers who were well versed in FODMAPs. I experimented with this diet for the rest of my college career but found it to be very restrictive without relieving much of my symptoms. Just like my clients tell me now – I would prefer a diet that tells me exactly what to avoid so that I can skip the guessing game.

Through this crazy journey I was studying to be a dietitian. With my new found title and existing love of nutrition I became interested in integrative and functional nutrition. Through a special blood test I was able to eliminate the guessing game. Exactly what I needed!

I continue to follow a diet that tailored to my personal results and have been able to add new foods to my diet regularly and maintained a symptom free life!

This experience has shaped the way that I approach nutrition and because of this I founded my own nutrition counseling company, Feel Good Nutrition, LLC! I look forward to sharing clean recipes with all of you and discussing ways to modify recipes to meet your specific needs!

My Food Sensitivity Story1