Our Company

Inspired by a very personal struggle, Feel Good Nutrition came to life in 2015 out of passion and a desire to help others! I founded my virtual nutrition and healthy lifestyle practice after struggling with debilitating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for almost 10 years.

I bet our stories sound a little bit alike, but you tell me!

Throughout high school I struggled with digestive problems. I took lactaid and Tums like they were candy but could never identify the cause. During this time, it was recommended that I see a therapist because IBS was psychosomatic (a physical illness aggravated by a mental factor, like stress). When I started college, my symptoms got worse. I tried every diet that I could think of and multiple medications but to no avail. When I discovered dietetics, my junior year of college, I met with a local dietitian who thought I had short bowel syndrome (despite never having GI surgery) and eventually, over a school break I had an appointment with a new "up and coming" GI doctor.
I wanted my appointment to be worth while, so for the month prior to my appointment, I cut out food labels and highlighted ingredients that I thought caused problems, I kept a food/symptom log and arrived at my appointment fully prepared to work with my doctor to figure out this problem. 
When she walked in the room, she spent a couple minutes asking about my symptoms but when I offered my food log and baggie of ingredient labels she had no interest in looking at them. Instead, she was quick to diagnose me with IBS, handed me a list of "eat this, not that" for the Low FODMAP diet and said "follow this for 1 month and come back". When I explained to her that I was studying to be a dietitian and was interested in what FODMAP meant, she told me to "look it up" and sent me on my way.
Needless to say I didn't go back...

What killed me the most about this appointment, is that I felt like I was just my diagnosis. My doctor didn't want to take the time to get to know me, my struggles, or the motivation that I had to take back my health and my life. 

At Feel Good Nutrition, we believe that everyone is unique and benefits from a tailored whole body approach to achieve their goals!

Our Practitioners

Carie Perrino, NMD, RDN, CLT

Registered Dietitian & Food Sensitivity Specialist

Carie is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Registered Dietitian, and certified LEAP therapist. She specializes in helping people achieve a realistic, healthy lifestyle through functional medicine.

Carie is currently a first-year general medicine resident at a teaching clinic in Arizona but sees patients as a primary care doctor and specializes in gut health as she has found that healing the gut is crucial to overall health. She experienced this herself after healing from IBS after suffering for more than 10 years by using the LEAP diet protocol along with other naturopathic medicine tools and healed her own gut and founded Feel Good Nutrition, LLC to help others do the same! She believes that through education and support we can cause health instead of disease.

Carie graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia in 2015 and completed her degree and clinical experience at top-ranked hospitals in Missouri. After five years in private practice, she attended Sonoran University of Health Sciences (formerly Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine) where she served as class president, Student Member on the Board of Trustees, and Federal Work Study students in biochemistry and other basic sciences.